Steve Johnson - Drums & Vocals
Michael Goodson - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin & Banjo
Annette Meng - Violin & Vocals
Eric Bagdonas - Guitar
Brian Bagdonas - Upright Bass

THE PURE PLASTIC TREE is not your ordinary band. All-acoustic, they play with the power and abandon usually reserved for their electrified compatriots. Their folk-derived arrangements are infused with a punk sensibility belying their minimalist philosophies. The starkness and brevity of the songs reveal a sense of beauty and depth often missing from today's aural landscape.

Determindly independent and non-conventional in approach, they provide yet another original offering to the musical world from the diverse and vibrant scene of Dayton, Ohio. Dayton has received it's fair share of attention due to the efforts of likes of GUIDED BY VOICES, THE BREEDERS, BRAINIAC, REAL LULU and others. Now, with the release of their CD "The Action Poets vs. George The King Of Swing", The Pure Plastic Tree make their rightful claim for recognition. This is especially true in light of the fact that the band formulated it's distinctive sound long before the recent wave of acoustic and alternative "folk" (including the resurgence of the use of the violin in rock) became such a popular trend in modern music.

Originally formed in 1991, The Pure Plastic Tree went through a period of creative development and personnel changes before settling into it's permanent line-up. Amongst the original founding members was Kattie Dougherty, now of REAL LULU, along with drummer Steve Johnson who later went on to play with Real Lulu as well (and is one of the featured drummers on their CD release "We Love Nick"). Another member of the band, Annette Meng, whose remarkably tasteful and beautiful violin work is a trademark of the PPT sound, is currently travelling with orchestras around the country and the world.

The band worked actively on both the stage and in the recording studio, releasing a cassette and shortly thereafter their debut single "Iscrap" to positive reviews. They even participated in providing their highly unique musical style to various film projects, including the acclaimed "Once In A While" by Dayton filmmaker John Mays.

Later, the band retreated into a state of hibernation, only to re-emerge in 1995 playing a series of shows featuring an extensive body of work. These efforts culminated in a flurry of studio activity, in which was distilled from their repertoire this definitive collection of work which comprises "The Action Poets vs. George The King Of Swing".

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