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Compilation Appearances

Rock Don't Run Vol. 2

From Spinout Records. A great surf compilation featuring Los Straitjackets, The Exotics, The Kaisers, Four Piece Suit, The Halibuts, The Mulchmen, The Neanderthals, Laika and the Cosmonauts, The Penetrators, The Panasonics, Simon & the Bar Sinisters and the Vibro Champs! The record is handled by the Get Hip and Hep Cat in the U.S., and No Hit in Europe.
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Rock Don't Run Vol. 2REVERB CENTRAL
"Under The Gun" is surf and mystery deluxe from Dayton, Ohio's Mulchmen. It's moody and smooth, dangerous and playful, and slightly muddy. Very nice track. Mysterious Surf Instrumental.

"Big Nasty" is big guitar surf and shred meanness, riff-driven and nicely arranged. It's a little bit too repetitive to hold interest for a long period, but it has a certain staying power from the relentlessness of it. A Mean Riff Surf Instrumental - Phil Dirt.

Well, here is phase two of Rock Don't Run and another CD it is. A little less trad sounding this time around but still a fantastic example of what is going on in the world of instro music. You really travel from one end of the spectrum to the other, trad to Link Wray. We get to hear some good stuff from 4 Piece Suit, especially Shout in the Dark. The Mulchmen contribute two tunes as do The Halibuts and The Penetrators. If you are looking for some really different instros from several bands, this Vol. 2 is a must to go with your Vol. 1.

Some of the coolest sounds you'll find on a compilation CD this season were recorded right here in little ol' Dayton. The Gem City's very own surf grunge popster gods, The Mulchmen, have two songs included on Rock Don't Run, an 18-song roundup of instrumentals from 12 bands. It's a goofily listenable set, agreeably lo-fi and made for the next warm-weather party you throw - or for the cold-weather party you throw that you want to heat right up. The Mulchmen, a trio fronted by guitarist Nick Kizirnis, contribute "Under the Gun" and "Big Nasty". The CD is from Nashville's Spinout Records.

Better Than The Average Weekend - A Tribute To Shadowy Men

Better Than The Average Weekend

One of the pioneering bands of modern instrumental rock finally get the tribute they deserve. SHADOWY MEN FROM A SHADOWY PLANET, one of Canada's best musical exports, gets paid a musical homage from Deep Eddy Records with their CD release featuring 22 different bands from around the continent, including Big Beef's own MULCHMEN (doing "Shake Some Evil" taken from their cassette-only release "Covered With Mulch"), along with the URBAN SURF KINGS, Canada's HEATSCORES, THE DEAD BARONS, THE INSECT SURFERS, THE MILL VALLEY TATERS and many more.

The Shadowy Men are best known amongst popular culture for providing the theme song to the TV series "Kids In The Hall", but anyone familiar with great instrumental rock know they are certainly no one-trick pony. Many an instro/surf band owes a great deal to their contribution to bringing fun back to instrumental music again, and it's evident with this release. A great tribute to a great band.
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Other Appearances

The Mulchmen also appeared on the SimonSeng compilation "The Music of Ohio", which featured "Spyder-Man" from the "All the News That's Fit to Surf" 7" EP on recordhead records.