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All the News That's Fit to Surf!

The Mulchmen's debut release! Features the tear-it-up favorite "Spy-der Man" and the vinyl-exclusive tracks "Six Gun", "Slater's Surf", "Little Nasty"!
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All the News That's Fit to Surf!MAGNET
I'll never figure out how such a seemingly limited genre like instrumental surf can sound so fresh and exciting, especially in the inspired hands of Dayton's Mulchmen. They touch all the familiar bases from the Laika-ish spy surf of "Little Nasty" to the buzzsawing, double espresso-driven, finger-gouging Dick Dale-isms of Nick Kizirnis on "Six Gun". And they make you believe they personally invented the style behind a Burger King dumpster about six weeks ago (instead of going to class).

It's no surprise that even LA's Bomboras are moving on to drier pastures than instro surf these days. Still, when bands can pull it off, this hackneyed genre is just fine. "Slater's Surf" is the undeniable winner here, splicing a menacing spy riff into great washes of reverb and whammy-bent-D-minors. But Spyder Man" ain't half-bad either, a raucous affair that melds Link Wray's trashy, hillbilly aggression with Dick Dale's staccato precision better than anyone this side fo the Mono Men.

Nick Kizirnis (guitar), Brian Hogarth (bass) and Gregg Spence (drums) make up this power surf trio with a big sound on four band composed instrumentals. Well-played and performed, it has the anticipated twang and reverb of the slower more deliberate Little Nasty, saving the energy for Slater's Surf and an ear-bending Spyder-Man. Loved the sleevenotes; loved the music; cool vinyl outing. We look forward to the group's first full CD album due soon.

CRINGE (Columbus, Ohio)
You gotta love the liner notes to this. The Mulchmen fictionally place themselves among the annals of surf rock fame on such traits as "overwhelmingly mediocre sex appeal" and how they "vacantly stare conventional rock 'n' roll in the face with ferocious indifference." These guys are my vote for Underachiever Surf Rockers of the Year. And they surely are not what one would call conventional rock, but they do play many of the conventions of surf. They play it well, no doubt, and I wouldn't mind seeing them live now that I've heard them... -Daniel Strohl

The fact that Dayton, Ohio is not really known for its compelling waves and killer beaches hasn't stopped the Mulchmen from playing their brand of surf-spy instrumental music. The group, Dayton's only surf instrumental trio, contains guitarist Nick Kizirnis and drummer Gregg Spence (Cage) as well as bassist Brian Hogarth (Sourbelly). "Six Gun" and "Spyder-Man" are fast and furious with some sweet soloing ˆ la Dick Dale. "Little Nasty" purveys a spy mood that'll keep you watching your back. Even though the Mulchmen sound like every other surf-spy instrumental band in existence (all of which are direct Ventures rip-offs anyway), there's still something about this seven-inch that draws you in and keeps your attention.

SCREED (Cincinnati, OH)
From the first notes I began to flashback to old AM radio rock-but I couldn't place the genre. Then it hit me-Surf Music! This surf trio from Dayton is led by (ex-Cage) guitarist Nick Kizirnis with Gregg Spence on drums and Brian Hogarth on bass. The sound quality of the small 33 1/3 vinyl is suprisingly good. The four instrumentals on this release are original, even the twist of the song "Spyder-Man", which brought me back to Saturday Morning cartoon time. This is the music which ties back to Buddy Holly, whose fast, tight-wrist guitar strumming was inspirational to the original surf music makers. So for those who don't know who Dick Dale is, thoughts may turn to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack; keep your mind open for the true inticacies of surf music as brought to us by The Mulchmen.

"Led by the guitar toting and coffee slinging Nick Kizirnis, The Mulchmen take you to places you've only feared you'd have to go". The Mulchmen's debut EP has the same feel as the best instro tracks of the 60s. Although they used modern recording equipment, the four original songs take you back to a time where beer, a fine-tuned hot rod and a good wave to ride were the only things that mattered. Billed as Dayton, OH's only surf band, the tracks on this disc are bound to carry them far beyond the confines of that midwest city. If you dig Dick Dale or the Chantays, you will definitely like this.

A variety of instro sounds can be found on this vinyl. The best cut is Six Gun which is reminiscent of the Spies Who Surf jazz sound. The guitar work is top notch and the band is hot. This record will make a fine addition to your overall instro collection.

Reviewed by DJ Johnson
This trio from Dayton, Ohio, plays a dark and moody brand of instrumental surf music that follows enough rules to be considered trad, but the murky thumping bass and aforementioned darkness gives it a slight twist of punk. "Spyder-Man" is the best example of this. As the closer, it leaves you with a great impression of this powerful band's garage and surf sensibilities. Nick Kizirnis' muscular guitar sound fits them into both of those genres. His distorted two-string solos in "Six Gun" pack the wallop of a juiced stun-gun. Even when he lays back, as he does in "Little Nasty", his tone suggests bad intentions. Brian Hogarth (bass) and Gregg Spence (drums) do more than just support Kizirnis--they create a great deal of the mood themselves through power and tone. Check out the power they generate in the bridge of "Slater's Surf" There's very little (if any) overdubbing on this record, which suggests they're just as good live, so watch for this band to come to your town. I'm guessing it will be a great show.

"The Mulchmen create land-locked surf 7" that's the real thing"
by Don Thrasher
"Surf is roots music for suburban kids," said Dan Valentie, the leader of the Southern California surf combo The Boardwalker's, in the July-August '96 issue of Option magazine. That, coupled with the success of the surf-heavy Pulp Fiction soundtrack, could explain the growing number of surf bands springing up in such landlocked places as Illinois, Missouri and even Ohio. Dayton is home to a great surf trio led by guitarist Nick Kizirnis. Don't expect third-rate covers of Dick Dale and Venture's classics because Kizirnis and his partners, Gregg Spence on drums and Brian Hogarth on bass, aren't a revival act. The Mulchmen play surf originals that are as catchy and vintage sounding as anything coming out of the West Coast today.

All The News That's Fit To Surf is the band's new four-song EP on the Indianapolis-based Recordhead label. Although the Mulchmen recorded at Cro-Magnon Studios on A-DAT (high-quality digital tape), the songs still have the warm feel of vintage surf music.