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The Mulchmen

The Mulchmen at Canal Street Tavern (Dayton, OH) About The Mulchmen
The Mulchmen, which features Brian Hogarth, Nick Kizirnis and Gregg Spence, began playing their own brand of KAPOWEE instrumental surf music around Ohio back in 1995. The Mulchmen have opened for Dick Dale, Man or Astroman?, Ronnie Dawson, The Exotics, Los Straitjackets, The Breeders, Deke Dickerson, Bill Kirchen and Frankie Camaro, and have graced television shows like "Real World", "Road Rules" and even "Sports Jerks."

The Mulchmen pay tribute to Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet!
A tribute compilation dedicated to one of the ground-breaking instrumental rock outfits of this era of indie rock has finally received it's own overdue tribute with the release of "Better Than Average Weekend"! This is a great 22-song collection of some of the best tunes by those instro-rockers from Canada, SHADOWY MEN FROM A SHADOWY PLANET. Best known for producing the theme music for the hit comedy show "Kids In The Hall", they are a popular inspiration to numerous instrumental and surf bands around the world.

Included on the comp are Big Beef's MULCHMEN with their creepily rippin' version of "Shake Some Evil", which is also featured on their cassette-only release "Covered With Mulch". This acclaimed release also features a number of other versions of Shadowy Songs by the Men of Mulch, as well as some of the best Link Wray covers you will probably ever hear!

Order your own copy via mail or directly on line from Big Beef!

The Mulchmen go digital!
The Mulchmen have also taken up residence on MP3.com. You can download FREE Mulchmen MP3's just by going to their MP3 site!

The Mulchmen's releases
"Greetings From Planet Stupider" The Mulchmen's latest CD on Big Beef Records, picks up where the band's full-length debut "Louder Than Dirt, Thicker Than Mud!" left off. The ethereal theremin that kicks off the album's opening track "Delta Velocity" sets the tone for a record that takes off into some unexpected territory. "Greetings From Planet Stupider" features some of the Mulchmen's most hard-rocking, and most dark and moody, wordless endeavors yet.

"Covered With Mulch" The Mulchmen's cassette-only release featuring cover versions of surf favorites and an entire side of Link Wray classics! Rooted Magazine of Austin, Texas called these recordings "some of the finest Link Wray cover tunes ever made, deftly conjuring up Link's instro-rockabilly style... Get this before it's gone!". Proceeds from the cassette are being donated to the Tim Taylor Memorial Fund.

"Louder Than Dirt, Thicker Than Mud!" The Mulchmen's highly-acclaimed first full-length album! Featuring crowd favorites like "Frank" and "Flippin' Out" as well as the bizarre, theremin-laced "Sci-Fi Voodoo" and the humorously rocking "Rumble 3000".
"A richly textured album that vaults onto the short list of instrumental albums that remain listenable and distinct from beginning to end"-Scratch Magazine
"Highly Recommended"-Gajoob

"All The News That's Fit To Surf!" This four song 7" EP features the rapid-fire guitar/drum attack of "Six Gun", followed by the classic surf stomp sounds of "Slater's Surf". The B-side changes everything with the mysterious twang and moody vibrato of "Little Nasty" and wraps it up with the free-for-all "Spyder-Man". Available from Big Beef, or directly from Luna Music.

You can order all of these titles from Big Beef Records!

Other Mulchmen appearances include two tracks on "Rock Don't Run Vol. 2" from Spinout Records. It's a great surf compilation featuring Los Straitjackets, The Exotics, The Kaisers, Four Piece Suit, The Halibuts, The Mulchmen, The Neanderthals, Laika and the Cosmonauts, The Penetrators, The Panasonics, Simon & the Bar Sinisters and the Vibro Champs! Copies are available from Big Beef Records for $11 ppd. The record is handled by the Get Hip and Hep Cat in the U.S., and No Hit in Europe.

The Mulchmen also appeared on the SimonSeng compilation "The Music of Ohio", which featured "Spyder-Man" from the "All the News That's Fit to Surf"7" EP on recordhead records.

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