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Tiny Lights of HeavenNew From Morella's Forest - "Tiny Lights of Heaven"
One would expect a band with as much history and experience as Morella's Forest to have a catalog with the depth and diversity to match. And this band does not disappoint, as their thousands of fans will attest to. The MoFo range from the dreamy, shoegazing 'fizzlepop' of "Super Deluxe" to the power rock of "Hang Out" (featuring a rather crunching version of "Art of Love"). There's the candy store, hook-laden pop rock of "Ultraphonic Hiss", followed up by the band's last and most adventurous foray into the realm of the avant pop with the highly-acclaimed, KEITH CLEVERSLEY-produced "From Dayton With Love" (featuring the keyboard work of another fellow Daytonian, John Schmersal of BRAINIAC and ENON fame).

This rich catalog of work often defies easy description, but it hardly falls short of ever being interesting and enjoyable and a breath of fresh air in the world of 'indie' pop. And best of all, the band has just released their long-awaited new full-length, "Tiny Lights Of Heaven". Proving to be well worth the wait, their new effort is their most straightforward foray into the world of pop, co-produced by Jesse Sprinkle (Poor Ol Lu / The World Inside) and released by Canada's Endearing Records in conjuction with Big Beef. Another collection of uplifting and inspiring pop from Dayton, with love.

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Tiny Lights of Heaven
From Dayton With Love
Ultraphonic Hiss
Super Deluxe
Hang Out EP

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