Pat gets down with The Random Dancers
Pat gets down with The Random Dancers


I Pity The New Years Fools!
Mr. T rings in the dawn of a new millenium


MC Ferret
MC Ferret keeping the videos and tunes rolling


John Shough & Ultra Vega
John Shough and his band Ultra Vega appear live on
The Love Hour New Year's Special

Other Past Programs have featured discussions on a number of different topics, everything from your favorite record and the good things about the city of Chicago, to the wonderful attributes of the unique American sport of Demolition Derby and the outstanding qualities of thespian extrordinaire William Shatner. Somewhat more serious discussions involved such topics as the conflict in the Balkans and NATO involvement in Kosovo.

On New Year's 2000 Andy & Pat rang in the new millenium (though, yes, we know it really wasn't the official beginning of the millenium) with an extra-special 7 hour extravaganza which featured lots of rare and somewhat bizarre videos, audience call-ins and some very special guests, including Dayton's own legendary DR. CREEP! Performing live were Dayton rockers REAL LULU along with an exciting public debut of JOHN SHOUGH, performing a number of tracks from his upcoming Big Beef Records CD release "Ultra Vega". This was John's very first public unveiling of his own material after working for years behind the scenes on numerous other great Dayton rock, including recordings by Guided By Voices, The Breeders, Real Lulu and many more! There was the lowering of Mr. T to mark the advent of midnight and the new century and the evening came to an end with a raucous (and extremely rare) live performance by THE LAWN JOCKEYS (who have also produced a CD based on and dedicated to Dr. Creep and 'Shock Theatre'. (Check it out on the Big Beef Yard of The Lawn Jockeys!)

One of their more popular summer special events was their "The Groovy Cosmic Dance Party Marathon Barbecue". This unique television event featured special guest deejay MC FERRET from Los Angeles, producer of Ace Detective Records (and of the Groovy Cosmic Love Hour CD, details below). MC Ferret spun great and extremely rare garage rock and pop culture tunes all night, and kept the dance floor hopping with both rippin' tracks as well as great videos from the 50's and 60's, including amongst others stuff by The Yardbirds, Bo Diddley, The Knickerbockers and HOT tracks from The Spiders and The Jaguars from Japan! And topping it off was the all-night cookout taking place, complete with "Grillcam" where the partygoers could also participate in the on-going music, phone calls and general happy mayhem. Check out some pictures from this event from Henrique Couto's Groovy Cosmic Love Hour Photo Page

MC Ferret has returned a number of times to The Love Hour, including an appearance as guest host for "Big Beef's Photonic Supersonic Rock Video Phreakout" show! (Watch it in it's entirety right here on-line with your Real Media Player at 56k, 128k or 384k speeds). Included were features from classic 60's rock outfits from around the world such as Los Shakers, South America's own version of The Beatles, along with other classic long-forgotten works by, Billy Stewart and many more!

For Information on how to obtain copies of this extra-special Love Hour rock fest featuring The Mulchmen, including the special Love Hour After Hours Video Fest (along with any past 'Love Hour'), just write us here at The Love Hour! and we'll let you know how you can go about ordering them for your very own! And Dayton residents can look for more new "Love Hour" events to take place in the future.

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