MC Ferret gets down
The party is hopping with MC Ferret
and The Random Dancers


Pat Stuff's His Face
Pat enjoying the cooking at the Dance Party Barbecue


The Random Dancers
The Random Dancers heating up the dance floor


Dr. Creep On The Love Hour
Dr. Creep sits in with Andy & Pat and crew!


A LITTLE HISTORY: "Andy & Pat's Groovy Cosmic Love Hour" began as an extremely popular live call-in program which debuted over ten years ago in September of 1989. Cablecast from the facilities of The Miami Valley Cable Council in south Dayton, Ohio, it featured discussion on topics and issues ranging from the silly to the sublime and represented true interactive democracy at work, where the viewers could become part of the content and entertainment of the show itself.

The program ran regularly for three years with numerous special features and events thrown in, including anniversary shows featuring live music, special film previews and more. There was even a "Win A Date With Pat" contest, in which the winner was treated to a dinner date with one of the program's co-hosts live on air at the TV studio itself. They also had a live talent show opened to contestants of all stripes from the community (and ended up featuring everything from goth punk bands to teenage girls doing drill team dance routines all on the same program), as well as a 15-hour live on-air sleep deprivation marathon program. Some of their most notable shows featured guest appearances by self-proclaimed UFO Expert Klark Kent of SuperScience, Inc., who discussed his informative theories on Ufology and extra-terrestrial incursions into Earth affairs with a lively and sometimes agitated call-in audience. And this was years before the X-Files made it's mark on our popular cultural consciousness!

Since then, reruns of this unique cult program have cropped up from time to time on televison at unannounced times, only to help fuel the mystique around the program. The program was even featured on BBC Television in Britain some years ago. The show has since returned to it's live on-air origins, having cablecast brand new episodes again beginning in November of 1998.

Andy & Pat also produced another of their Rock Extravaganzas in March of '99 (their first in 6 years), in which the featured entertainment was provided by Ohio's premier surf rockers The Mulchmen. There was also a special performance by the extremely talented singer/songerwriter (and Mulchmen drummer) Gregg Spence, as well as the premiere of the new video "Chief" from Real Lulu. Other exclusive rare live and studio footage of Real Lulu was shown as well, along with loads of rare music videos by great local and national acts, from everything from Cage, Devo and The Pixies, to The New Duncan Imperials and The Stranglers. There was also a recast of 'The Love Hour's' exclusive interview with the great British songwriter Robyn Hitchcock (who's "Mystic Trip" has served as the show's theme song) along with a host of Hitchcock videos.featuring The Mulchmen and much more. And, of course, there is The Mystery Chick, a mysteriously popular addition to the program and rates as one of The Love Hour's two official "chicks" (the other being The Hot Phone Chick, who was an instrumental figure in the first years of the program).

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