The sound quality is better on this second volume of "Funky Forty-Fives." The content is every bit as bizarre and engaging. Your life isn't complete until you've heard Mad Mike and the Maniacs, Cold Spring, Exciters, Satellite Singers, Lanai Kai, Freakout Guitars, Happy Jesters, Fred Darian, Rodd Keith & The Raindrops, Paul Chaplain & His Emeralds, Men In Space, Miss Moon Beam & Mr. Jet, Louis Jordan, Eagle Rock High School Band, the Bandits, Roger Booth & The Escorts, Roy & Georgia, the Dilly Sisters, Barbie, Larry & The Loafers, The Nobles, Happy Jesters, HB Rockers, Gary Warren and the S.O.S Band share their brand of sanity with you. Yowsa!

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