Andy & Pat first started televising The Groovy Cosmic Love Hour years ago on cable access in Dayton, Ohio. They discuss topics and issues ranging from the silly to the sublime. There is always a healthy dose of wacky background music being played culled from Andy and Pat's collection.

If you are a fan of wacky 45s from the '50s and '60s, you will want to get your mitts on this CD release and let it's zaniness wash over you and make you free. There is a wealth of oddball music here that I've never seen comped anywhere else. Whatever happened to the Slough Boys, the Dinks, Barry Darvell, the Jerms, the Five Blobs, the Specialists, Peter Pan Players and the others whose "talents" are collected here? Hopefully, they were run out of town when these tracks were released. The sound quality is what you'd expect from scratchy old singles, but the subject matter and delivery is not what you would expect from humans emerging from sound studios with finished product. Twenty-six examples of glorious trash.

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