In this second installment of the Funky 45s, we are turned on to over 35 tracks of obscure out-of-print gems. Andy and Pat host the "Groovy Cosmic Love Hour," straight out of Dayton, Ohio, and they have an impressive selection of cuts here on this disc from the vinyl collection of compatriot MC Ferret.

Andy and Pat uncover far-out 45 singles from The Exciters, doing a hot rod version of "Hound Dog," to The Nobles doing a surf blowout in "Black Widow." The easy listening side of the spectrum is covered, from Cold Spring's "Light My Fire," Freakout Guitar's "Ruby Tuesday," to the Eagle Rock High School Band's "Eleanor Rigby." We get a dose of popular culture with the HB Rockers doing a rockabilly tribute to The Flintstones with "Bedrock Rock".

This is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill compilation. The Funky 45s series could be an extension of the RE/Search Incredibly Strange series. Highly recommended for readers of this magazine who dig both the cool and the strange.

- Otis Fodder

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