Andy & Pat first started televising The Groovy Cosmic Love Hour years ago on cable access in Dayton, Ohio. They discuss topics and issues ranging from the silly to the sublime. There is always a healthy dose of wacky background music being played culled from Andy and Pat's collection.

Over 20 cool and strange singles from the past grace this collection (32 tracks to be exact, clocking in at 72 minutes). Many of you will recognize the classic Jim Backus and Phyllis Diller cut "Delicious", but this disc also contains the seldom-heard B-side "I Need A Vacation." 95% of this CD is completely new to these ears. The Ideals do a '50s rock 'n' roll party stomp called "The Gorilla," The Specialists try their Free Design best on "Eleanor Rigby," Glenn & Christy do "The Wombat Twist," The Five Blobs sing "Rockin' Pow Wow," the Peter Pan Players rock out on "Chip The Chimpanzee."

There's lots more - and nothing you're likely to hear on your local oldies station. Hey! There's a monkey illustration on the cover, and pictures of toy robots on the inside, too! Now I sold ya!

- Otis Fodder

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