Dayton, Ohio is not only "The Birthplace of Aviation," but also a breeding ground for some of independent music's finer bands of the last decade: Guided By Voices, The Breeders and Brainiac. "Daystar," the third offering overall from the locale's latest outfit, the Lab Partners, lifts off and travels similar celestial heights once explored by My Bloody Valentine (albeit more subdued) and currently by Spiritualized (although slightly more focused) but ultimately wanders out on its own path of waved-out bittersweet symphonies that combine delectable 60s acoustic-based pop ("Gold" and "Those Things"), hints of glam ("Magnify") and trance-inducing overtures ("Still Shine On," "Furthest from Love" and "Almost There"). It will have listeners' heads bobbing in the clouds while their feet are firmly planted on the ground.

- P.J. Osborne

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