Lab Partners' dreamy compilation, Daystar, is an eclectic mix of loops and swirls that is sure to please. This "space rock" act has been likened to The Verve, The Doves and Radiohead. I personally hear a slight Sunny Day Real Estate influence in some of the tracks, especially "Still Shine On". Most wouldn't notice the absence of a bass guitar in this quartet, but I think the lower keyboard notes and the proliferation of bass drumming makes up for this instrument.

The first track of the album, "Gold", is an almost acoustic piece that is simple, folky and put together well. The Lab Partners' space rock begins to show the more you listen to the CD, making what seems to become a little path to the band's world. This is a nice touch for the Lab Partners and makes the listening experience truly worthy of our time.

The band takes a laid-back approach with this album while still keeping the integrity of the music and keeping me interested, which is something I truly admire. Its sound is comparable to several acts, yet does not mimic any of them, which is also worthy of mention.

I never could put my finger on just who the Lab Partners sound like, mostly because they sound so original. "Furthest From Love" is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The song begins with a dreamy intro and ambles to the lyrics, "Don't think that time can repair me, you've blown it, you know it/Know in your heart that you took this family apart." A bit depressing, but since the lyrics are practically indecipherable, the music takes precedence over them. The song itself is like an exploration of rock and sound, going from dreamy to angry to spacey.

If lying around on a rainy day listening to moody music is your bag, I definitely recommend you try doing it while the Lab Partners are on your CD player. Daystar is even great to fall asleep to, as I have done several times. Whatever you choose to do while listening to this album, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

- Terry Martinez

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