Charming, lysergic pop along the lines of British-oriented noiseadelia. Coming as quite a pleasantly unexpected surprise from the American midwest, the Lab Partners possess a rare ability to bring together the old and new. Perfectly synthesizing the sounds of such bands as Jellyfish Kiss and Jacob's Mouse with the walls of sound from the shoegazing era of the early 90's, "Daystar" offers a gorgeous renaissance of psychadelia.

...Lab Partners create pearls of folk dream pop with the beautiful opener "Gold" along with it's following number "Those Things". The music brings to mind some of the more expressive intensity of Kendra Smith or the more cosmic Mazzy Star, as well some of the bands which they have performed with live, including BRMC, Joan of Arc and Morella's Forest. This is a band that is already creating timeless music. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

- Mauro Carassai

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