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The BBC calls the Lab Partners a "notable band from the U.S. underground"

LAB PARTNERS - Named One Of The Year's "Bands To Watch" By

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"Daystar" offers a gorgeous renaissance of psychadelia... This is a band that is already creating timeless music. Beautiful. - KATHODIK (ITALY)

They inject some power-pop sensibilities into space-rock producing some very fine results... at their core [the Lab Partners are] great pop writers... pulling one lush nugget after another from what seems like an inexhaustible supply. - POPMATTERS

From the creatively fertile grounds of Dayton, Ohio, home of the Wright Brothers and the birth of flight, comes a new type of onward and upward venture, this time of the aural realm by veteran indie spacerockers the Lab Partners. A good 'space rock' band can indeed be hard to find, and the Lab Partners certainly succeed at providing a rich reward for one's quest. Coming from a wide-range of musical backgrounds, the band incorporate influences from the worlds of rock, blues, jazz, pop, gospel, even ambient Eno-like trance delivering their own unique brand of 'spacerock', yet never losing grasp of 'melody' in the process.

Formed in 1998 by guitarist/vocalist MIKE SMITH and keyboardist AMY SMITH, the band originally featured lead guitarist KEVIN PARRETT (Ten O'Clock Scholar) and drummer MATT SCHULZ, who has been a long-time collaborator with Mike Smith dating back from their days together in Honeyburn. Schulz later went on to perform with another Dayton band, the indie pop punkers LET'S CRASH, doing the drum work on their Dave Sardy-produced disc "Stand Up And Relax", and has since joined up doing full-time duty with Enon. Today the Lab Partners drum work is handled by IAN KAPLAN (Mink/Sundrop, Jayne Sachs) and features veteran rocker MIKE VOLK on lead guitar (also formerly of Let's Crash and Honeyburn). Lab Partners also serve as one of the few bands not to include a bass player, with Amy Smith's keyboard and sequencer work uniquely filling in the low end of the rock spectrum.

Now, the band unveil "Daystar", their most ambitious work to date and the their first since their original self-produced recordings "Lab Partners" and "Turn It On". Featuring 14 songs and clocking in at 72 minutes, "Daystar" is a magnum opus for both shoe and stargazers as well as those who like their rock with a little crunch, creatingly a richly textured and swirling melodic infusion of sound that ranges from minimal aural spacescapes to full on rock and roll.

Recorded in their hometown of Dayton at Bison Studios and co-produced by DENNIS MULLINS (Ultra Vega, The Lawn Jockeys), Big Beef Records is very proud to be able to present this beautiful new collection of inspirational and soulful rock to music fans everywhere. Catch the Lab Partners live as they continue with their touring of the midwest and east coast of America and beyond, featuring performances with the likes of B.R.M.C, ENON, THE WARLOCKS, JOAN OF ARC, HAR MAR SUPERSTAR, US MAPLE, THE FROGS, PAIK, ROYAL TRUXX, MORELLA'S FOREST, DAVID FISCHOFF & many more! They have also been garnering notable and chart topping airplay via a number of radio outlets both in the US and Europe.
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For Booking Information, Contact Lab Partners at 937-293-7019
Lab Partners at info@labpartners.net
P.O. Box 292665, Dayton, Ohio 45429
Official band website www.labpartners.net

For Publishing/Licensing Inquiries, Contact Cowphonics Music at 937-223-1970
Or Pravda Music / Samovar Groovathon Publishing at at 773-763-7509
6311 N Neenah, Chicago IL 60631
Email at pravda@pravdamusic.com

File Under - Spacerock/Dreampop

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Distribution - Oarfin, Carrot Top, Scratch (Canada/UK), Pravda, Mercury Music, Northern Music, Subterranean, Tonevendor, Surefire, MonoPond (Philippines)