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The debut release from The Lawn Jockeys O.G.C.! Part soundtrack, part tribute album, ALL Party album! One of the most entertaining and unique recordings to come out in years!
Get yours now right here from Big Beef!

WATCH on-line the video of "CREEP 303" by the ORGANIC GROOVE CONTINUUM as featured on "Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre!"
(Produced by Andy Copp and featuring loads of cool, rare footage of Dr. Creep and 'Shock Theatre)
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Amazing Sounds JERSEY BEAT
Before the locust-like proliferation of cable television, late-night horror movie hosts like Ghoulardi, Sir Cecil Creepe, Count Floyd and Dayton, Ohio's Dr. Creep ruled the airwaves. Offering up the cheesiest in grade Z sci-fi and monster movies, these hosts would complement their film fare with ghoulish comedy skits, song parodies and smart-ass commentary (long before Mystery Science Theatre brought their act to cable). A tribute to Dr. Creep and his long running "Shock Theatre," "Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre features local Dayton boys The Lawn Jockeys. The band lays down a steady groove beneath an inspired mix of movie dialogue samples, found vocals and Dr. Creep's spoken material, with music running the gamut from electronic dance rhythems to guitar-driven surf rock. Ultra-cool songs such as "Dr. Funkencreep," "Rick James & The Ice Cream Truck," and "The UFO's Have Landed" reveal the lighter side of rock & roll and are a hell of a lot of fun. A benefit record for Dr. Creep's Project Smiles charity, The Lawn Jockeys have delivered a loving and appropriately chaotic tribute to the classic late-night horror movie show. - Rev. Keith A. Gordon

Dr. Creep (aka Barry Hobart) is Dayton, Ohio's co-creator and host of Shock Theatre, a horror film venue that's been up-and-running for 13 consecutive years. The Lawn Jockeys, playing a mixed bag that includes a great funk/trance, jazz/rock style, served as the house band for the first live "Shock Theatre" movie marathon. They mix in samples of movie dialog, as well as sound-bytes of their hero, Dr. Creep.

When I picked this CD up, I thought, "Great -- another corny monster CD with a bunch of lame and not-so-scary novelty numbers on it!" Not so -- I was really "shocked." The Lawn Jockeys really throw down some great grooves! Also involved in this project is The Organic Groove Continuum (OGC), reasonable for all the trance/electronica beats. "Amazing Sounds" runs almost 75 minutes, so the Jockeys give listeners plenty of time to get lost in some great grooves. - Ed Shimborske Jr.

Inspired by the hulking horror host who did for local Dayton TV horror movie hosting what Celine Dion did for Iceberg Doomed Boat balladry, this is a fantastic collection of Rock/Trash/Dance/Boogie/Bizzarrity. Usually horror movie inspired music is all 50's garage raw, but this boldy is willing to look into the future (even if it's a 20-year old vision of the future) and have some electronics creepily noodle with the creaks and chains of yore. Dr. Creep's creepy voice even makes cameos to creep you, proving himself the Creme De La Creep.

From 1972 to 1985, Dr. Creep (aka Barry Hobart) ruled local TV in Dayton, Ohio. His eponymous television show gleefully celebrated all things horrific in a comic but endearing way, showing old movies with spooky, sometimes outrageous, vignettes in-between. Now the Lawn Jockeys, a jam-band supergroup that's been kicking around Dayton for some time, have finally organized enough to record a tribute to Dr. Creep. Most of the members on "The Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre" are hardcore self-professed Dr. Creep fans. That having been said, it's no surprise they interpret one of the Dr. Creep's theme songs (Henry Mancini's great "Peter Gunn") in at least three different ways.

It's easy to see where most of these songs are going before they're over, which is important for any soundtrack, I suppose. The mix of live jams (think of a groovy 10-minute guitar orgy sprinkled with "Dolemite" quotes) and surprisingly complex techno numbers makes for a diverse listen. The sheer number of different elements in each song forces you to listen to it at least a few times before making any judgements. There's the electronic eccentricity of Ed Lacy (Cage), the solid multi-instrumentalism of John Shough (Ultra Vega, Guided By Voices) and the Sonic Youth-by-way-of-the-Beatles drumming of Steve "Tidy Rabbit" Babbit (Eat More Carp Show). And that's just to name a few... Bonus points for titles like "Rick James and the Ice Cream Truck." - John Wenzel

(Rating of 9)
Okay I admit it will be damn near impossible for me to be objective when reviewing a tribute album to my hero and good friend Dr. Creep. Luckily I don't have to try because the music is damn good, great even.

Some history for those not in the know. Dr. Creep hosted a wonderful horror TV show from 1972 to 1985 on Dayton television called Shock Theater. (I revived the show on Public Access in 1999 until present). Anyone who grew up in Dayton, Ohio or the surrounding area watched Dr. Creep and loved him dearly. He was a living legend.

The Lawn Jockeys are a band of near legendary status that have more or less become Dr. Creeps house band, seen mostly on the live call in episodes. They specialize in on the spot jamming that brings in elements of Jazz, funk, metal, blues and anything lese twisting it all into a demonic and heady brew.

This 74-minute disc is a tribute to all Dr. Creep stands for. I.E. fun loving, creepy stuff and B-movies in general. The Jockeys are at the very top of their game with this, their first release on CD. No two songs are the same, yet it all meshes together beautifully into a cohesive, solid listening experience. All the vocals are supplied by the ubiquitous Dr. Creep and a bevy of amazing sound bites and samples from all over the globe (can you name then all?). To top off a great package, proceeds from the sales of the record go to Project Christmas Smiles, an organization Dr. Creep helped found twenty some years ago that helps needy kids at the Holidays. So you are helping kids as well as getting great musical entertainment. Go buy this now! - AC

Dropping a 10-pound line to say I am listening to a piece of morgue slab by who...? The Lawn jockeys, well whatever!!! I put this cd on that came in my mailbox and I am chillin' to "Stately Wayne Avenue". I've been there remember. and I was fixing on rememberin' what was so stately about it, maybe a thrift store or bus stop or two. Dug it you know. Then up popped "Creep 303" and like I was techno man, I swung with the synth, samples and movie dialogue baby. But then the chicken bit me on my butt when that Jimmy Smith imitatin' gremlin Brett Skywalker done hit me with the real skinny. That B-3 Booker Teeing thing thang done made me and my kitty kat Chelsea, asleep on my lap get up and move our Elvis hippos to that crazee sound. I done packed my bags and moved to Funky Town.

This spinnin' piece of plastic continued and so did my mental confrabulation. What you say that ain't no WERD. I say This ain't no weird! Have you heard the bird. The Word is bird, the Creep ain't asleep. The Doctor is in and so are The Lawn Jockeys. The Out Sound From Way In. Them be some rippin' drum beats daddy. Tidy Rabbit has got more chops than Moe Tucker or Hong Kong Phooey combined. Make mine the combo bowl please. Hold the soy sauce sauce.

Must I say that these Lawn Jockey boys may replace dressed up geese as the new cat's pajamas. Send my order in today. I have the box tops and will travel. It won't be long until Dayton lawns are covered with the likes of Dutch Treat and Lightnin' Biscuit dressed up as things they don't want to be dressed up as on the fine green green grass of Dayton suburbs and porches. Man, I been there and seen them gooses. Lawn Jockeys beat that phenomenon with a lickin' stick straight up. Make Buford Pusser one proud redneck. Go to the frightening Krogers and play a free gig. Give 'em the business.

I continue to groove and get down to the chunky monkey sound but am running out of clever cleaver, leave it to beaver, Dean Martin, Don Rickles roastisms and plain old Mike douglas complimetisms. So swing low and don't let the dandelions blow. Watch out for ten foot waves Ho-Dad, you can't ride them. If you can't tell...I like the non-vinyl solution. Keep on riding the Lawn you Jockeys.

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