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15 Song CD on Big Beef Records (BBCD08) $11
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Amazing Sounds Every once in awhile along comes something - a film, a person, an occurance, a work of art - that defies easy description. Qualifying as an example of such an item is this here compact disc you've stumbled across in your surfing the internet waves.

So what exactly is this record produced by an enigmatic and obscure band with the strange (and possibly inappropriate) moniker of 'The Lawn Jockeys'? What could an audio CD dedicated to a legendary cult television show host and cultural icon possibly be? Is this a soundtrack? A tribute album? A compilation record? Spoken word? A comedy album? Or just some inspired music making? It's all of these things and more.

DR. CREEP (aka BARRY HOBART) is a legendary figure in both his hometown region of Dayton, Ohio as well as amongst cult TV fans everywhere. He is the co-creator and host of "Shock Theatre", one of the classic horror movie TV series in America and the longest running television show in Dayton history. The show was a staple of Saturday night television and combined thrills and chills with humor and spontaneity and proved to be quite popular with a wide-ranging audience. The comic ridiculousness and low-grade cheese of some of the cinematic turkeys featured on the program only served as fodder for increased fun and humor for everyone involved; cast, crew and audience.

Amongst these many fans of Dr. Creep and 'Shock Theatre' were a group of kids growing up in the 70's soaking up the good-natured spontineity and creative freedom frequently at work in the production of this legendary show. Eventually forming Big Beef Productions, they went on to engage in countless creative endeavors, many of which are available via this website. One of these endeavors was The Lawn Jockeys, a band that had existed as an informal collective of music veterans recording for their own enjoyment but never before presenting themselves to the adoringly unaware masses. Quickly ascending to upper reaches of Dr. Creep's favorites list due to their appearances on live television with the good Doctor, including serving as the house band for the first live 'Shock Theatre' movie marathon in nearly 20 years. They proved the perfect fit, being personally steeped in the same underground cultural traditions as the show producers and veterans of live, free form and spontaneous television themselves. (see "Andy & Pat's Groovy Cosmic Love Hour").

It is those same traits which shine through the music of The Jockeys. A band that has never played the same thing twice, they rely on spontaneous intuition and a love for all forms of music to conceive, write, perform and record everything simultaneously, not adding or overdubbing a single note in the mix. You can hear bits of various musical interpretation coming through their songs, from Hendrix to Black Sabbath to The JB's to King Crimson to Devo to Funkadelic to The Allman Brothers to Hawkwind to Pink Floyd to.... all resulting in bringing a jazz sensibility back to the realm of rock.

All the live rock and funk featured on this disc was recorded during a two-day session at Cro-Magnon Studios in Dayton and engineered by John Shough and The Punk Rock Physicist. Dr. Creep himself stopped by to lay down some sound samples for use in the recording. Final post-production editing was completed by Dennis Mullins and Andy Valeri of Big Beef Records and overseen by Tony Miracle at Bison Sounds, Cairo, Ohio. This consisted of final sequencing and mastering of the material, with the addition of a number of classic soundbites and commentary from Dr. Creep himself, much in the same off-the-cuff style of the show itself.

Also involved in the making of this project was The Organic Groove Continuum (O.G.C.), comprised of DJ Snapper and Brett Skywalker (also of The Lawn Jockeys). This duo produced the trance/electronica heard on this disc and have also assembled a complete work of Jockey sample remixes, "Give Beats A Chance", soon to be available as well from Big Beef Records via MP3. All of this only being the tip of the iceberg from this prolific duo who are currently in the midst of creating an extensive body of work, currently with an indefinate release date.

This really is the ultimate party album! Get your copy now right here from Big Beef! Portions of proceeds from the sale of this recording go to benefit Dr. Creep's charity PROJECT SMILES, which serves to provide toys to needy and underpriviledged children. For more information on this and other activities and events regarding Dr. Creep, check out the official website at www.drcreep.com

WATCH on-line the video of "CREEP 303" by the ORGANIC GROOVE CONTINUUM as featured on "Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre!"
(Produced by Andy Copp and featuring loads of cool, rare footage of Dr. Creep and 'Shock Theatre)
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