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O.G.C. The Organic Groove Continuum

O.G.C. The Organic Groove Continuum - The original wave in modern electronica, bringing the cutting edge of the trance beat together with the soul of the 70's. The flavors they combine allow all ages to get their groove on!


SNAPPER (aka ADRIAN ROBERTS) (1200's, TR909 , MPC Guru, Nord and Roland groove gutz)
SKYWALKER (aka BRETT OWSLEY) (Moog, Sub Basics, Rhodes, Clav, Emu, Korg plysynths, Chord Memory, C-3)

The ORGANIC GROOVE CONTINUUM give you a live experience through hip hop, house, trance, and drum and bass (now known as IDM- intelligent dance music). They are musical navigating pioneering beat makers.

Originally founded in 1995, O.G.C. has made itself known as the back-up band for the hip hop group Komandoz. Through this live hip hop experience O.G.C. has performed with the likes of Biz Markie, T-1000 and MOOD, as well as such rock acts as Guided By Voices and Spoon. In 1999, the Organic Groove Continuum performed in New York City at ThoughtForms with Mos Def and Lone Catalyst. The ORGANIC GROOVE CONTINUUM continues to perform it's unique and distinctive live set and with the help of Adrian Roberts (DJ Snapper), they have succeeded in turning it over to the P.L.U.R. crowd through events in the Tri-state.

In the fall of 2001, the Organic Groove Continuum began collaborating with Chicago label Herbal Recordings. www.herbalrecordings.com Under the direction and guidance of Daniell Spencer. A number of singles have come out of this collaboration, including Emulate, Man go Man and more. During this period of creativity, Owsley's wife Jane gave birth to their second child Ruth Eden Owsley, while Roberts relocated to Chicago to begin remixing several well known artists under the direction of Maurice Joshua, Spencer and Mike the "Hitman" Watkins (aka the Godfather of House Music).

The year 2002 also saw new sonic collaborations with Owsley, Ras Rob and the Komandoz. Slated for release in the coming year is the long-waited double album recording with Komandoz, "Mighty Insight....Trials and Tribulations" by the Komandoz OGC. Also in production is more material for a full-length Organic Groove Continuum record, as well as continuing with remix collaborations with many other commercial artists, including most notably a Mariah Carey remix which has received extensive feature throughout clubs in Europe.

The O.G.C. had also participated in the production of the Big Beef Records CD release "Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre". This is a tribute to Dr. Creep, the ever-popular host since the early 70s of the legendary cult TV show "Shock Theatre." This was the first release of material by the O.G.C. made public outside of the Komandoz 1995 release "Raw Unkut Cipher of da Conscience."

The OGC produced a unique recording remixing the aforementioned Lawn Jockeys entitled "GIVE BEATS A CHANCE," which has received wide usage on various cable tv shows and networks, including MTV. This material continues to be regularly featured and is available for artistic and commercial production use through Cowphonics Music BMI, the publishing arm of Big Beef Records, with whom the OGC inked a publishing/distribution deal with in 2000.

Brett Owsley of the OGC also records and performs with multi-talented producer/engineer/songwriter John Shough and his band Ultra Vega, with whom he has collaborated with on over 100 recordings, along with fellow Komandoz drummer Todd "TeaSea" Carll. Owsley is also a featured member of the improvisational rock band The Lawn Jockeys and whose work is featured on their debut Big Beef Records CD release "Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre".

Check back again for further updates on this exciting and unique venture known as the ORGANIC GROOVE CONTINUUM; modern music with timeless soul.

To contact the O.G.C. for further information, booking, available recordings, etc.. email Snapper at SNAPPER6725@aol.com or Skywalker at jjowsley@aol.com
For Publishing/Licensing Inquiries for the OGC release "Give Beats A Chance", contact...
Cowphonics Music at 937-223-1970
or Pravda Music / Samovar Groovathon Publishing at at 773-763-7509
6311 N Neenah, Chicago IL 60631
Email at pravda@pravdamusic.com
Website at www.pravdamusic.com