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Rhythm & Blues that's full on shake, rattle & soul! Two of Chicago's finest R&B outfits bring you these great discs which are hot, hot, hot! Featuring members of The Lawn Jockeys, these bands have played extensively throughout the Windy City, as well as Las Vegas and an England-wide tour in 2001. These records have been hits on radio programs from Los Angeles to London and New York To Berlin.

These bands have developed a sound comprising 60's soul, R&B and jazz with 70's rock and western swing, all played with a 1990's punk rock energy and quite clever inventiveness. These bands and these discs are the real deal! Get yours now right here from Big Beef!

An incendiary combination of instrumental blues, soul, 70's rock and jazz delivered with punk energy! With the inventive freshness of a live recording, this disc will leave you wondering how Merle Travis, Jimmy Page, Booker T., Speedy West, James Brown, Miles Davis and Tony Iommi all ended up in the same band? Featuring some of the greatest cover versions of rare blues classics we've ever heard here, as well as the band's own popular originals. This thing rocks!....9 Song CD....$12
For a Complete Track Listing for "Rogerin'!"
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Hard gin soaked, smoke stained Chicago blues rock with soul! Complete with Hammond organ, harmonica, trumpet and blazing guitars, this band knows how to do it right. With a voice reminiscent of Howlin' Wolf and a band that sounds like it's ready to explode, The Convulsions have been leading the charge in Chicago blues for nearly a decade. Prominent Berlin DJ Lord Litter call it "the hottest, punkiest, funky British Rhythm 'n Blues available in the USA. This ROCKS!!!!!!!!"....13 Song CD....$12
For a Complete Track Listing for "Shaken & Disturbed"
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