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WYRD - "Real Lulu can rock my world any day. I've gotten in the habit of giving this record an ol' spin around the record player each morning upon waking up. It's a nice, happy, energetic way to get the day started off right. Real Lulu does kick ass. I've been hearing about them forever and out of the plethora of Dayton bands, Real Lulu has been deemed by many as the most promising. Their music is real energetic and the vocals sound like some gutsy little school girl, belting out the lyrics with all the gusto of someone twice her size. I love the catchyness of the song "Hell", but "Motorhead" is indeed my theme song and anyone else's with a wandering soul. This is fun music and you owe it to yourself to check them out. Today."

CRINGE - "The "Hell" side -- now that blew me away! First of all, it was inspired by Joseph Campbell. Now how cool is that? A really catchy, really fun tune. A little too intelligent to be dumb rock, but not so intellectual that you can't jump around to it with relative ease. Not to mention the 'death march' part of the song which is a nice little interlude." - Nicole Wolfersberger

"Immediately, there are two things that can't be ignored about Real Lulu's debut single, 'Hell/Motorhead'. First it was recorded and mixed by Dayton, Ohio's own Kim Deal. Second, It rocks. It is not just good, it is great! There is something to be said about a well crafted and written punk/pop song that uses two female singers with good voices. It doesn't surprise me one bit that Real Lulu won the 1994 Dayton Band Play-off's. They rock. If everyone had this record, there would be no need for prozac! Hey, it gets me going every morning."

GAJOOB - "The two songs here are markedly different. While the B-side is a tight, up-beat song about driving, complete with Runaways/Go-Go's punk-pop sense and harmonies, the A-side, "Hell," is a trip through just that, a ravished, cathartic slice of depression, alienation and despair. This is a hell of a band and a hell of a record. RATING: 10 out of 10."

INK 19 - "[Hell] is a great pop punk song with female vocals, that takes an odd turn into a momentary sludgefest slowdown, then starts back up again. But with weird lyrics about hell 'inspired by Joseph Campbell'."

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL - "Their sound reminds me of the better RUNAWAYS or GIRLSCHOOL stuff I've heard. In other words: girls who rock with a capital "R". "Motorhead" isn't a cover but rather the song about driving fast that Sammy Hagar wishes he could've written."

OCULUS MAGAZINE - "Pressed on black coffee-colored, transparent vinyl, this single provides contrasting sides of this pop/punk female outfit. "Hell" screams innocuously as it thrusts forth with Sex Pistol-powered guitar chords. Radical, if underproduced. "Motorhead" is not as fierce. Unison harmonies soften the rough edges, giving it a sound the Bangles and Go-Go's had before selling out." - John Fortunato

GUILT TRIP ZINE - "Kim Deal of the Breeders produced the a-side of this, but you sure wouldn't know it. Real Lulu comes fresh out of Dayton, OH, home of the Breeders and Guided by Voices--but sounds nothing like either of those bands on this single. "Hell" is a scorcher about a relationship gone awry that rocks louder than anything Deal's ever done. The b-side, "Motorhead," however, sounds nothing like that. It's a pop-punk classic about driving that'll end up stuck in your head for weeks. The female vocals and Deal's production might make you think of the Breeders before listening, but this band's got a sound all its own."

MOO - "I'm actually beginning to believe the rumor about something being in the water here in Dayton - what with GBV, Brainiac, The Breeders and Cage cranking out soon-to-be-classics, and now yet another vital contender surfaces in the form of Real Lulu: a two-woman, one-dude high-octane revival.
Usually I have a slight problem with female singers, mainly cuz they all seem to sound like JulianaCranberryVerucaPhair, but, happily, that is not the case with this Dayton trio. Kattie Dougherty and Sharon Gavlick chart a whole new river with their nimble invasion of catchy hooks and ardent lyrics. "Hell" was recorded and mixed by none other than Kim Deal, yet her influence on Real Lulu's sound is sublimely submerged. They play with refreshing honesty, and their clever song structures and skillful vocals havn't gone unnoticed in the Dayton community: they swam away with top-honors in the Dayton Battle of the Bands. May they never thirst!"

INDIE STREET - "Mix CUB with CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL and you have REAL LULU. Catchy hard-driven power punk. "Hell" kicks butt. Heavy riffs and great screams. "Motorhead" is a slower powerhouse. Real Lulu rocks! This trio has something going for them. Two way fun tracks for slammin' your head against the wall."

THE DAYTON VOICE - "If there was any question why Real Lulu won last year's Dayton Band Playoffs at Canal Street Tavern, their debut single, "Hell" b/w "Motorhead" on Simple Solution Records should provide the answer. This crew can rock. Yeah, so can a lot of other bands in town, but Real Lulu rock, write good, catchy songs to boot and flesh them out with nice vocal interplay between guitarist Kattie Dougherty and bassist Sharon Gavlick.
On first listen "Hell", recorded and mixed by Kim Deal at Cro-Magnon Studios, appears to be a light, garage-pop tune about a relationship gone bad. However, at the chorus things turn dark. The instant Dougherty sings (screams) "When your beloved says be gone", you can tell she's been to hell and this song is her way of coping. By the tempo change for the death march section there is no doubt left: "You pushed me far from home/abandoned I created Hell".
You'll love the flip side, "Motorhead", if you've ever jumped into a car for no reason at all and driven off with a full tank of gas and a heavy foot. Gavlick's rollicking ode to the open road is an instant adrenaline rush fueled by the hyperkinetic drums of Gregg Spence. Real Lulu with the help of engineer John Shough at Cro-Magnon Studios have created the perfect soundtrack for any spontaneous road trip: "I take the challenge to be tough on the open road/don't think I'll ever get enough of this up 'n go".
After a few listens you'll find "Motorhead" has seductively worked it's way into your grey matter and before you know it you'll be singing along and itching for the open road. This record is everything a single should be: catchy, captivating and cathartic. This is merely a teaser, though, because Real Lulu has a batch of songs recorded that are as good or better than "Hell" or "Motorhead"."

LUMPEN - "Although the pink cover frightened me, this 2/3 girl band rocks."

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