-By The Meatman

The untimely death of Brainiac frontman Tim Taylor did not receive as much press as most of the other celebrity deaths of '97. Well, folks, the Meatman has something to say: Tim Taylor was a musical genius. Look, folks, in this shithole of a business we call rock 'n' roll, I've met hundreds of so-called rock stars, and very seldom have I felt I've been in the presence of greatness. But there was always something about Tim and his co-artists that gave me that feeling, that there are new horizens and musical frontiers to be conquered. Brainiac was sowing the seeds of the future big sound. The band was on to something.

I can hear you now, "You're fucking crazy nuts, Meatman." Bullshit. I've read five million predictions about the future of rock 'n' roll in the new millenium. Well, guess what - most muthas don't have a clue. Look, take Brainiac, Negativeland, The Foreskin 500 and Chet Atkins and put them in a band. Now you're close. Then get the band a soundman like Superstar Steve Rammer, who almost broke the 2,000 decibel sound barrier six or seven years ago with a band called Booze Pig. There you go.

Hey, Tim, guess what; some of us got it. But the world must not have been ready. Thanks for planting the seeds. The Meatman will always help tend the garden.

-Originally published in EVERYBODY'S NEWS (Jan. 23rd, 1998)-

"Brainiac's 13 point plan to destroy indie guitar preconceptions is progressing on schedule..."
New Musical Express

"How can something so twisted be so pleasing to the ears? Brainiac is a rock'n'roll koan--a Zen riddle that can't be solved with the rational mind. It's best to relax and let these guys take you places you never knew existed."

"...space sounds are intertwined with dissonant guitars that make for a brilliant marriage of distortion...if you want to get smacked in the face by a big fat wall of noise, enjoy this flat on your back."

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