Various Artists

"Better Than The Average Weekend"

Shadowy Men From A Shadowy Planet Tribute

Deep Eddy Records (DEEP011)

One of the pioneering bands of modern instrumental rock finally get the tribute they deserve. SHADOWY MEN FROM A SHADOWY PLANET, one of Canada's best musical exports, gets paid a musical homage from Deep Eddy Records with their CD release featuring 22 different bands from around the continent, including Big Beef's own MULCHMEN (doing "Shake Some Evil" taken from their cassette-only release "Covered With Mulch"), along with the URBAN SURF KINGS, Canada's HEATSCORES, THE DEAD BARONS, THE INSECT SURFERS, THE MILL VALLEY TATERS and many more.

The Shadowy Men are best known amongst popular culture for providing the theme song to the TV series "Kids In The Hall", but anyone familiar with great instrumental rock know they are certainly no one-trick pony. Many an instro/surf band owes a great deal to their contribution to bringing fun back to instrumental music again, and it's evident with this release. A great tribute to a great band.

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