The Oxymorons

"Dancing On Billy's Grave"

Mutant Renegade Records

The full-length classic from one of Dayton's most notable proginators of punk, now proudly made available here from Big Beef Records (this is a record we wished we had the honor of having produced). THE OXYMORONS were a fixture of the American midwestern DIY rock scene for years in the 80's and early 90's, before such involvment meant much hope of a big record contract and popular notariety. Writing and performing with energy, determination and lyrical wit, The Oxymorons put their own insightful mark on a rock world inhabited by the likes of such bands as THE REPLACEMENTS and HUSKER DU (as well as such locally established acts as THE HIGHWAYMEN and THE OBVIOUS), The band blazed a trail for the growing rock scene in Dayton, which has gone on to produce many a notable work in the world of rock.

Fronted by the late Ben Schelker, the band produced a string of cassette and vinyl releases throughout the years of their prolific career, culminating in the release of this great collection of what proved to be not only some of their finest work, but what we think is one of the best hard pop punk albums to come out of the states in a long time. It certainly holds a deserving place amongst the list of great rock albums to come from that rock mecca Dayton, OH, ranking with the likes of GBV, The Breeders, Brainiac, Real Lulu and others. We think you'll more than agree when you hear it yourself.

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Listen to tracks:
Day Of Reckoning
First Time Today

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