The Obvious

"Rock & Roll In The Big City"

I Wanna Records (IW9303)

Here is a collection of classic line drive up-the-middle American rock from America's heartland. This Dayton, Ohio based group made a name for themselves in the 80's and into the 90's with their own brand of well-written, gritty guitar driven rock & roll, working as contempories with a number of other great Dayton outfits coming of age at that time as well (including THE HIGHWAYMEN aka LOOSE DIAMONDS, GUIDED BY VOICES and others). This CD features a number of tracks which were staples of the band's live set at the time, including the indie anthem "The Underground", the rebuttal to a bad review "Two Thumbs Down", and a homage to ballplaying of Pete Rose "Hall Of Fame". More proof that there must be something in the water in Dayton and in Ohio to keep turning out so much great rock from over the years.

Proceeds From The Sale Of This CD Go To Benefit The Gregg Spence Fund

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Listen to tracks:
The Underground
Hall Of Fame


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