Various Artists

"Hydroponic Mascara (Volume One)"

Mr. Whiggs Records (mwr001)

Folks have been hearing about this one for awhile and now here it is. Produced in-house at Luna Music by mr. whiggs records in Indianapolis, this new 7" EP features some of the most unique recordings you'll ever have in your collection by some of the best bands you've never heard. Included is the pop gem "When You Figure It Out" by Vast Massive Satellite and another lo-fi great from Dayton's swearing at motorists.

What makes this record an extra-special treat is the humbly moving track "Wrong Sky" by Nick Kizirnis. Better known for his guitar instrumental work with The Mulchmen, Kizirnis proves here that he's got something to sing about as well, making his first vocal appearance on record since Cage's "Magnificent Propaganda Opporunity" (a great modern rock work also available from Big Beef). Fittingly, the theremin track "Goodnatured Arguments" by Magical and the Theremins is also included with Nick's cut (fitting as Nick plays the theremin which has become a trademark element of The Mulchmen's performances). Also included is "Jonny 5" by Tham Nahem. Available as a limited edition release of 600. Get your copy while you still can!

Vinyl EP: $4.00
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