The Mulchmen

"Covered With Mulch"

Big Beef Records (BBCS06)

The Mulchmen's cassette-only release featuring cover versions of surf favorites and an entire side of Link Wray classics! Features everything from surf classics such as "Bustin' Surfboards" and "Cecilia Ann" to rippin' takes on Link Wray greats like "Rawhide" and a Zepped-out version of "Jack The Ripper", all done in the Mulchmen's own unique and inimitable style! (Proceeds from the cassette are being donated to the Tim Taylor Memorial Fund).

This album is well worth having, it's cooler than most anything you'll hear anytime soon,
so pick up on it. - GAJOOB

Some of the finest Link Wray cover tunes ever made. I believe that once surf fanatics get ahold of these they'll really sell. If the music isn't enough of a motivation to buy the tape, then thought that the proceeds of the album will be going to help out the family of a well respected Ohio musician should sway you. The Mulchmen have done it again. - ROOTED MAGAZINE

Ohio's Mulchmen deliver a set of some surf and rock instro covers in their totally unique vision... (featuring) some of the 50 best covers ever. - PHIL DIRT; REVERB CENTRAL

Cassette: $5
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