Veteran rockers Real Lulu are finally making available their long-awaited recordings they have been developing throughout the past few years, ever since the release of their highly-acclaimed Big Beef Records CD "We Love Nick". This new self-released CD, entitled "After You" features such songs as the ever-popular crowd favorites as "Chief" and "Tomorrow", as well as their rare, never before released version of classic garage rock hit by THE SONICS "The Witch" (with original Real Lulu drummer Gregg Spence on vocals.

The CD release also marks the end of the band's long and rewarding performing career. After almost 10 years to the day, Real Lulu has retired from the stage with a very special performance at Dayton's venerable Canal Street Tavern, the location where they first began their career without a name (eventually adopting the name Real Lulu under the suggestion of Canal Street owner/proprietor Mick Montgomery).

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Big Beef Records and their project partners Endearing Records of Canada have recently finalized a deal with the Japanese record company abcdefg* to release the latest full-length CD offering "Tiny Lights of Heaven" from one of pop's veteran acts, Morella's Forest. This exclusive version of the album will be made feature three rare and unreleased songs and versions of songs from the band, as well as unique and original artwork and will be made available beginning June 24th throughout Japan and the Asian market.

Limited numbers of this special release will be available in the States through Big Beef Records and can be obtained, along with the original domestic version of "Tiny Lights..." by visiting the Big Beef OnLine Ordering Page. Also, stop in at Morella's Forest home here at Big Beef for complete information on the band, past recordings, audio clips from their extensive catalog, as well as sample demo tracks from the record.

Yes, that was the familiar sounds of popsters Morella's Forest that you heard on a February episode of WB network's hit TV series "Dawson's Creek" (at least those tv fans out that actually watch the show). Featured during the program was "Shining Stars" taken from the band's latest release on Big Beef/Endearing "Tiny Lights of Heaven".

The Lab Partners landed themselves some international attention for their new release "Daystar" on Big Beef Records with a notice in the Feb. issue of SPIN Magazine's "Bands To Watch" column. This is just some of the extremely positive recognition the Labs have been receiving as of late, both regionally as well as nationally, including regular radio airplay as well as finding themselves on a number of Top Ten lists for the year, including CRINGE and CINCINNATI CITYBEAT to name a few.

For more information on the band and details on their new recording, including what else people are saying about this great new release, please visit Lab Partners You can order your copy today by visiting the Big Beef OnLine Ordering Page.

Another cool project from the long legacy of the Dayton-bred and GUIDED BY VOICES-related 'indie rock' family tree. This offering comes from long-time music veteran DAN TOOHEY, known for his extensive work over the years with the likes of GBV and the many musical incarnations assembled by another Guided By Voices veteran, Tobin Sprout (FIG. 4, EYESINWEASEL and more). You can hear Toohey's work on everything from GBV's "Propeller" to Fig.4's classic recordings to Sprouts' Eyesinweasel-titled project "Wrinkled Thoughts".

"Ten Foot Orbit" was produced by JOHN SHOUGH at Dayton's venerable Cro-Magnon Studios. John is another veteran of the Dayton rock scene and frequent producer of countless great Ohio-based bands, most notably that of the many varied projects of Guided By Voices and their varied offshoots. The album features many of the trademark elements of great pop rock as exemplified by much of the material associated with Shough's work, featuring a fine mixture of clever lyrics and an unassuming sense of heart and sincerity to the music. This is a real gem and a must have for alt rock fans everywhere, particularly those with an interest in the works of Pollard, Sprout and the stream of great indie rock born and bred in Dayton, Ohio.

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Big Beef Records is extremely pleased to announce our latest release, the new full-length from Ohio's stratopopsters the LAB PARTNERS. Recorded at Dayton's Bison Studios, this record is the newest addition to the band's catalog, and is by far their most ambitious and developed project to date. Entitled "Daystar", this record is a beautiful, swirling melodic spacescape of sound that range from the minimal to full on rock and roll, and is already receiving rave reviews for it's resplendent stargazing quality pop. Anyone who has seen their live shows can attest to their full sonic presence of dreamy ambience combined with up front and sometimes even driving rock (someone please put this band in an arena where they belong!). They've played numerous shows around the country with the likes of ENON and B.R.M.C. and will hopefully be visiting a town near you in the not-too-distant future.

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Yes, it's true! Andy & Pat have a brand new CD to add to their ever-popular first volume "Funky 45's Collection"! The new edition is bigger, badder and better than ever and will feature all sorts of wacky and far out items you definately WON'T find anywhere else! Garage classics like "The Hunch" by Mad Mike and the Maniacs, "Little Space Girl" byt Miss Moon Beam and Mr. Jet and "Eleanor Rigby" by the Eagle Rock High School Band just can't be missed!

Produced by master rock archivist and TV dj MC FERRET and ACE DETECTIVE PRODUCTIONS, this latest edition to the Big Beef Records catalog is a surefire hit for fans of such offbeat recordings as those produced by the likes of the great folks at Rhino. Fans of The Groovy Cosmic Love Hour and their original CD release can attest to this series of records make for great party albums! Between that and The Lawn Jockeys, you're set for hours of communal aural enjoyment that you will find no where else on earth!). For more information on this latest release from Big Beef, as well as the original Funky 45's Collection, including on how you can get your own copy, visit Andy & Pat's Groovy Cosmic Love Hour site.

See and hear the black light rocks sounds of The Lawn Jockeys live and in-action during a special LIVE television performance on "Shock Theatre Live Movie Marathon Special." Video clips of the Jockeys getting the funk out are available on-line at the Lawn Jockey's home lawn site here at Big Beef Records. See them do "Ghoul Train", as well as checking out the video edit to "Creep 303" performed by the Organic Groove Continuum and featured on the Lawn Jockey/OGC CD release "Amazing Sounds of Shock Theatre!". This video is courtesy of the Shock Theatre production team and has been featured on past episodes of this legendary cult movie show. Click here to watch this fun video starring Dr. Creep!

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